Movember: a ballsy campaign

This month men and women will come together for a charity campaign that will really grow on you.

November signifies the beginning of the Movember Foundation – raising awareness and money for men’s health programs by growing moustaches. Focusing in areas such as prostate and testicular cancers, the initiative looks to challenge stigma by voicing men’s health concerns.

Movember is the brainchild of Travis Garone and Luke Slattery. Photograph: Australian of the Year Awards.

Born in Australia in 2003 over a beer between two friends, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, they toyed around the idea of making moustaches fashionable. The pair were inspired by other charitable events and decided to task and charge men to grow their moustaches and donate all proceeds to male health charities. Since its inception, organisations, sports clubs, industries and individuals across Scotland have taken a stand raising millions of pound towards the cause.

One sports team getting involved this month is Robert Gordon University’s rugby team. From growing moustaches to actively campaigning on social media this marks the rugby team’s second Movember. Gary Brownlee of the rugby society at RGU believes it is an important campaign for his team to be involved in – as they look to raise £2000 this month.

Are you growing your beardy locks this November? Photograph: Gregor Thomson.

He said: “Movember is important, firstly to raise money for the cause.

“But just as important is to create awareness as men are often not willing to talk about their problems.

“I feel like it’s important to create awareness to men that they are not alone and there is help when they need it.”

Fourteen years later and now 21 countries across the globe contribute to the Movember Foundation. The charity accepts donations all year round and any gender can participate.

Over the years the movement has raised hundreds of millions to fund over 1,000 male health programmes with over five million people registered this year in the UK. However, this November the moustached question is; what are you going to do for Movember?

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