Parking Costs in Edinburgh city centre to increase after new year

Edinburgh drivers face an increase in parking costs as Sunday parking charges come into force next year.

Sunday afternoons will no longer have free parking on Edinburgh’s streets. Charges to park your car in the city centre will be put into place in early 2018.

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Permit holders are set to face an increase in charges. Photograph: Edinburgh Greens Flickr

Parking permit prices will also be increasing in city centre zones. The West End, the Old and New Towns and Fountainbridge areas are among those affected.

Although there is no exact figure stating how much parking permits will increase by, there will be an extra charge in order to fund the measures needed to control Sunday parking.

Local residents already face charges up to £475 under the current rates, leaving some unhappy about the idea of an extra cost.

Natasha Haggo, a permit holder in the city, said: “They’re already about £200, so it is quite expensive, and you’re not even guaranteed a space all the time.”

Parking in the city is a problem faced by most Edinburgh drivers;  and traffic has become a safety hazard for pedestrians, prompting 20 miles per hour speed limits to be put in place across the Capital.

Edinburgh City Council’s Transport Councillor, Lesley Macinnes, believes the parking restrictions that will be enforced will help keep the city less congested.


The Tollcross area will be one of the places affected by the new charges. Photograph: Kim Traynor

She said: “As a major European city, we are committed to keeping the Capital moving, while maintaining safety and accessibility for all road users.

“Parking restrictions benefit businesses and residents by deterring all-day parking and encouraging the frequent turnaround of spaces for visitors and shoppers.

“They also maintain visibility and space for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers and open the road for larger vehicles, such as buses and lorries, as well as keeping it clear for the emergency services.”

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