Scottish TV is ‘Still Game’ as we look at the countries contribution on World TV day

Today the world is celebrating national Television Day and it is important for us to remember what our country, Scotland, has brought to the television world.

The very first television broadcast in Scotland took place in 1926 and displayed  a large spinning wheel. Hundreds gathered around televisions from shop windows and queued outside public halls in hope to see the first ever screening.

Old style TV. Photograph: Google

Since then, we have seen numerous award-winning Scottish shows and films shape our screens, including Taggart, Still Game, Chewin’ the Fat and children’s favourite, Balamory.

Braveheart which was released in 1995 will be a forever Scottish favourite film, portraying the late 13th-century warrior William Wallace who led the Scots to the first war of Scottish Independence.

More so globally, Scotland has been able to produce the award-winning classic Trainspotting. Since its release in 1996, the first film has won 15 global awards ranging from ‘Empire Award for Best British Film’, to ‘NME Award for Best Film’. Trainspotting 2 eventually hit our screens in 2017, with iconic scenes located in our very own capital – Edinburgh.

Several James Bond films have also hosted exceptional scenes based in some of Scotland’s most beautiful areas. Skyfall in particular left people around the world in awe when Glen Etive was used as Bond’s family ancestral estate as a getaway from drama in London.

So, if you are Scottish and want to celebrate World Television Day, you won’t be short of options for a Scottish movie day.

T2 has an approval rating of 6.9/10. Photograph: YouTube

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