“I Can’t Quit” – Review

The Vaccines are back with their fairly anticipated single ‘I Can’t Quit’.

I was slightly nervous about this considering the experimentation of their last album, ‘English Graffiti’ was slightly disappointing. However they have went back to basics with this new single – hopefully a good sign of what’s to come from upcoming album, ‘Combat Sports’.

‘I Can’t Quit’ begins with a simple, but effective,  Brit rock style riff. It seems they’re taking a leaf out of bands like The Kinks and The Undertone’s books. The simple guitar emphasises the edgier vocals. This simplicity creates a decent impact when the chorus kicks in, introducing the bass.

Upcoming album, ‘Combat Sports’ is out 30th March 2018. Credit: iTunes

The chorus is catchy but sounds very familiar to a couple of other songs. The two breaks are efficient as they don’t slow down or break the flow of the song.  The solo is catchy and short to keep the listener anticipating the final chorus.

Overall I’m happy with The Vaccine’s rudimentary return to simple, indie, Brit rock. This single wouldn’t feel out of place on their first album, ‘What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?, their most successful album and my personal favourite.

Hopefully, they’ll become a better competitor to the majority of Britain’s current derivative and imitative smorgasbord of indie trash.

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