Chief Constable of Police Scotland Phil Gormley facing sixth conduct complaint

Police Scotland chief constable Phil Gormley is facing a sixth complaint over his conduct from the head of the force’s IT.

Mr Gormley has been on special leave since September 2017 with the Police Investigations & Review Commissioner assessing four of the accusations made towards him. A further two complaints are currently being considered by the authorities at Police Scotland.

Mr Gormley has denied the recent allegations against him | Image Credit: BBC News

It is to be believed from the Scotsman that Police Scotland’s chief information officer, Martin Leven has made the most recent complaint.

Mr Leven made a separate complaint about David Page – the most senior civilian in Police Scotland – last year but it is believed that both were made on different occasions.

The legal team of Mr Gormley has questioned the timing of the recent complaint, coming just days after allegations Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Michael Matheson, blocked Mr Gormley’s return to his position.

Mr Gormley has denied the recent complaint.

Scottish Police Authority who are currently viewing two of the grievances released a statement on Mr Gormley saying: “The Scottish Police Authority has today Tuesday 16 January referred a complaint made against a senior officer to the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC).

“This follows an assessment by the SPA which determined that, if proven, the allegations would amount to misconduct and require to be investigated.”

“The SPA is required under the Police Service of Scotland (Senior Officer) (Conduct) Regulations 2013 to refer this matter to PIRC for assessment.”

“Complaint and conduct matters are confidential and the SPA will not provide any further comment on this case at this time.”

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