‘Come out to LA’ – DON BROCO single review


Don Broco | Image Credit: Jack Buster for Hunger Magazine

Within the first five seconds of this song, it’s obvious it will be a waste of 3 minutes.

It begins with a catchy chorus but it sounds suspiciously like every dance song released in the last five years with synth strings accompanying the vocals. The weird whispering sounds very strange and out of place. However, the classic Don Broco clapping beat is brought in just to remind the listener of who you’re listening to.

An interesting start to say the least but it breaks into an almost heavy metal version of the introduction. It turns into a completely different song with harder hitting drums and a fuzzy guitar riff. The verse however is constructed from boring guitar parts and distorted arpeggios, similar to every other Don Broco song.  After that, the terrible repetitive chorus is reinstated.

Every new section of this song brings more blurry, distorted and hazy. Then, more repetition with Rob Damiani’s reiterated cliché line, ‘Keep the Faith’. Suddenly, a strange breakdown is introduced, with copious amounts of effects on the vocals. The break is just a very boring build up to another terrible chorus with even more excessive vocal effects, making them sound like they’ve just kidnapped your kids. It ends how it begins, with an incompatible dance style chorus.

Overall, it’s a complete waste of time to spend three minutes of your life listening to this overproduced, cliché ridden, appalling excuse of a song.

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