Prime Ministers’ Questions: the key points.

From Westminster, Theresa May faced criticism from MPs on issues like Carillion and the NHS. Read more below:
  • Jeremy Corbyn has dubbed Theresa May’s decision to contract Carillion after they started to go downhill ‘deeply negligent’. The comment comes as it is revealed that between July and December Carillion’s share price fell by 90%, and new contracts were still given to Carillion from the Government after three profit warnings.It is believed that Carillion are around £1.2 billion in debt, and are in a £600 million pension deficit. Corbyn said that “As of today, over 20,000 Carillon workers are very worried about their future,”  – May says that the official receiver’s “investigation will be fast-tracked and will look at the behaviour of current and former directors”.


  • SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford has asked Theresa May twice about what analysis she has on single market growth in Brexit. He then added that the Scottish Government has published two analysis papers while May has “not a shred of economic analysis” on the impact of Brexit. A competition to find out who – out of the SNP and the Conservative Party – had the best record of GDP then ensued. May stated that  Scottish GDP grew 0.2% in the last quarter  – compared with 0.4% in the rest of the UK. She added “you’re better off with a Conservative government”.
  • Theresa May has admitted that there is ‘more to do’ regarding the lack of mental health beds in the UK. However, she added that “more people are able to access mental health services every day” – and her government is putting more money into the cause than any other in the past.


  • Labour’s Nic Dakin pointed out to the PM that one of his constituents was forced to wait 52 weeks for pain treatment – compared to the 18 weeks which “a properly funded NHS would deliver”. May retaliated that £2.8 billion will be given to the NHS in the Budget, and said that “Labour’s answer is always just more money” – whereas the Conservative government believe that “it is about ensuring best practice” in hospitals.



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