Potterow food market reopens it doors for the first time this year


Today marked the first market of the year for Edinburgh University’s Potterrow.

The vegan-friendly food market set up shop again following the success of last year’s run.

The stalls at the market offered something for everything – from olives and cheese, to baked goods and jam – with even some hand-crafted potted plants in the mix.

The majority of the market consisted of locally produced, vegan food – with passionate producers more than willing to talk about their products, and even let you taste some of them.

As well as providing a place for locally sourced food, the market also provides a link between Britain and other countries.

Donna Milne says that the market is a great place for vegans

Donna Milne was running an olive stall today, with products shipped all the way from France.

She explained that the owner of the market she works for is from France, making it easier for them to source fresh products from overseas.

She said: “The owner of our market is French, so he gets all of our products from a little couple in France, who make them all by themselves.”

She added that market is a great provides a great source of fresh food for vegans:

“The market is a good place for vegans to come as most of the stalls are vegan.

“Lots of people now are vegan, so it makes sense to provide for them.

“We have the signs out so that people don’t need to ask what products are vegan.

“It makes it easier for them as usually if they go to a market or restaurant they have to ask what they can have.”

If you are more interested in craft markets than food, then there are still stalls you can check out at Potterrow.

The market is also home to a potted plant stall, run by Mary McCrea.

Mary handcrafts her extraordinary plant pots by herself, with the help of her sister.

“I like to be different and less than ordinary.

“Some people find some of my pots a bit creepy, but I like them.”

She added that the indoor market means that she can now sell her products all year round:

“I usually don’t do markets in December and January because the plants can’t tolerate the cold.”

“It’s good that the indoor market lets me do that as it means the cold can’t get to the plants.

“It’s nicer for me to be inside too”, she joked.

Mary McCrea putting the finishing touches on her craft and potted plant stall

To find out more about the Potterrow market and when it is open, visit the University of Edinburgh website.




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