Labour Councillor suspended over ‘Islamophobic’ comments made to Anas Sarwar

Scottish Labour has suspended Davie McLachlan, leader of the South Lanarkshire Council group, following an investigation into allegedly making Islamophobic remarks made to Anas Sarwar during his leadership campaign.

Sarwar said a councillor told him during his leadership campaign that he could not support him as “Scotland wouldn’t vote for a brown Muslim Paki”.

Scottish Labour confirmed that Davie McLachlan had now been suspended by the party pending an investigation.

Sarwar spoke about “everyday racism and Islamophobia” on Tuesday, ahead of launching a cross-party group aiming to tackle the issue.


South Lanarkshire Councillor Davie McLachlan, photo from


Sarwar also alleged that another Labour member told the MSP she could not support his leadership bid after she saw a picture of his wife wearing a hijab.

The MSP does not believe he lost due to his ethnic background but has spoken out to raise awareness about racism and Islamophobia.

Sarwar added: “I stress that this is bigger than any one individual or organisation. This is about challenging the institutional prejudices that impact on workplaces, campuses and classrooms across the country.”

Scottish Labour responded to this by saying that the “reported behaviour falls well short of what we expect from any member or elected representative of the Labour party”.

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