Scottish golf courses at risk from rising sea levels new study reveals


One of Scotland’s oldest and most significant past times is now at risk according to a new study.

The Climate Commission released a report outlining a number of sports that are at risk if sea levels were to rise to predicted heights over the next 50 years. Whilst Cricket is suspected to be the sport most at risk, a number of high-profile golf and football venues are too including St Andrews and Royal Troon.

The report predicts that courses and pitches near the ocean are in danger of “crumbling into the sea” as thawing sea ice causes rising water levels to result in the severe loss of land around the coast.

Closer to home, Edinburgh’s Silverknowes golf course is one of the courses that may become submerged over the next few decades.

Silverknowes golf course may be at risk | Image Credit: Google

Moving away from the coast, the Scottish skiing industry could also be affected. The report predicts that warming temperatures will result in less snow fall and will cause any laying snow to thaw quicker, resulting in shorter snowy seasons.

Lastly the report highlights the increase in rainfall over the past 18 years as another key issue preventing outside sport. Six of the seven wettest years have occurred since the year 2000.

The report makes it clear that immediate action needs to be taken to lessen the potential impact climate change could have to our outdoor activities and with golf alone contributing almost £500 million to the Scottish economy each year, it looks like we’ll have to correct our course now to avoid some rough days ahead.

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