Add a little magic to your week with the Harry Potter pop up bar

Edinburgh’s latest pop up bar ‘Perilous Potions’ from the Pop Up Geeks, welcomes wizards, witches and muggles to enter a magical world of potion making.

The Pop Up Geeks are a small independent team using their passions to create unique drinking experiences inspired by their favourite entertainment works. Previous pop ups include, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and The Walking Dead.


One of the many potion cocktails available.


Harry Potter comes to life in the bar.

The latest Harry Potter themed bar hosts drinks inspired by the wizarding world. Open seven days a week fans can visit the bar and create and improvise their own potions, using a variety of different magical mixers and spells. 

This is the new permanent residence for the ‘Geeks’ in the capital and the attention to detail in the decor is incredible. Flying keys and letters overhead are accompanied by broomsticks on the walls and all your favourite Harry Potter tunes playing.

The highlight is, of course, the drinks menu. Concoctions that change colour, smoke or bubble can be created following detailed potions recipes, or fans are welcomed to sit back and have their very own drink made for them.

With Harry Potter’s history in the city, the bar is perfectly located for tourists and fans of the books and film series. Edinburgh is the birthplace of the famous boy wizard, with much of the first book written by author J.K Rowling written in local cafe The Elephant House, and finished at luxury hotel The Balmoral.

The ‘Geeks’ have transformed their own passions into an enjoyable experience for others in the capital’s social scene, and now they have their own permanent residence it’s interesting to see what’s next..

So what will it be? A Glacio Ardetium, a bubbling beverage to soothe any ailment, or a forbidden  Draught of Delirium to length your life? Or, alternatively, order a ButterBeer and relax and enjoy the ambiance.

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