Avengers premiere could take place in Edinburgh

Scottish Avengers fans may get the chance to assemble at the premiere of Avengers Infinity War as rumors speculate that it may showcase in Edinburgh.

It comes after the backing of eager fan Mae Trumata’s petition to get the film in the capital by star Karen Gillan, who plays Nebula in the latest installment. Since the majority of the scenes were filmed in Edinburgh, fans believe that it is only fair the film premieres here.

Directors, Anthony and Joseph V. Russo seemingly also agree. In a tweet by the Russo brothers, it looks likely that they will be pushing for it to come to Scotland. If successful, this would be the first Marvel film to premier in the country.

As exciting as this prospect is for Scottish fans, the potential benefits it has on Scotland are even more thrilling.

SNP Economic Councillor at Edinburgh City Council, Gavin Barrie, spoke to EN4News about this exciting development and what it means for the country.

“For Scotland and Edinburgh it would be a fantastic event. I can think of no better backdrop for the future of Edinburgh itself. I’m sure many people will travel wide to get a glimpse of the stars on the evening.”

As of the 9th of March, Marvel’s latest film Black Panther has made over $1bn in international cinemas so far and joins the first Avengers film in the top seven biggest film ever for territory. With the amount of hype Infinity War has received it will no doubt earn more. This attraction could possibly increase the level of tourism in the city and benefit the Scottish economy.

“There’s no better advertisement for a city then a film being made here. We generally know that people come here because of Highlander and various other movies. Trainspotting attracts people to come and see what Edinburgh looks like off the screen rather than on the screen.

“If people are visiting to stay somewhere, be it a B&B or a top class hotel, they’re coming and spending money. It’ll keep people in employment in bars, restaurants and all the things any person does when they visit a city. It makes great economic sense and benefits for the city.”

Despite no date or confirmation yet to be announced, Barrie has hopes for announcements in the near future.

“We have no set dates but the sooner the better so that people can save up and spend lots of money when they come. That would be my wish. I’d love to see an announcement quite soon so we could make a big thing of it for the whole city.”

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