Catch The Best Deals For Your Summer Holiday

How can we ensure getting the best price when booking the holiday we work so hard for each year?

The 20th of March will mark the first day of Spring and many sun-seekers are starting to count down the weeks until their holiday away.

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One of the biggest dilemmas of planning a trip with another person, or a group is agreeing on the date of booking. Some holiday-makers stick to the old fashioned rule of paying the deposit as early as possible. Others are adamant that booking last minute is a sure-way to save the pennies.

But which theory holds true?

Last year, released their 2016 flight costs – many customers might be surprised to learn the airline’s data illustrated that the first four months of the year offered the best deals. Many airline companies and hotels will increase costs as soon as school children down south start back at school.

Scottish travel Bloggers, Travelling with Our Kids illustrate how they save costs when travelling. They said,

‘During high season hotels, most tour operators will put their prices up. Sometimes in Scotland if we go away the first two weeks of July we can get some good deals, as the English schools have not broken up yet. This can be a great time to go away’.

It all depends on what the Travel Agents, airlines and hotels have to offer and what is the best offer for you. Last minute deals are great for people who are not tied to any commitments and have the means to make that large one-off payment to finance a holiday.

EN4 News contacted Bryton Travel Consultants, a Merchiston based travel agents, to find out how holiday-goers can save money on their travels.

Keith, who has been a travel consultant at Bryton for more than 20 years, told us that customers looking to takelong-haul flights are best to book as soon as flights become available and should consider travelling in December or January to make the most of cheap flights.

However, when it comes to getting the best deals, Keith said,

“There’s really no guarantee.”

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