Crystallising Crystal Healing

If you are looking for the latest craze then you will be happy to know that crystals are in popular demand. However, these crystals are not for wearing but for healing.

This year, has brought out the spiritualist side to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, and even Tom Hardy who have all said to use crystals their selves or by going to a professional crystal therapist.

So, what is crystal healing?

EN4 News took the opportunity to talk to Crystal Therapist, Author and Journalist, Eve Menezies Cunnigham, who runs her own business ‘Feel Better Every Day’. Eve talk to us about crystal therapy and gave us better insight and understanding of its healing properties:

“There is so much we can use them [crystals] for. Even if you don’t believe that they have healing energies, you can use them as visual or kinaesthetic anchors, reminding you of your goals and intentions each time you see or feel them. They’re brilliant for enhancing meditation, grounding, focus, clarity and so much more.”

The calming methods of crystal therapy can ensure clarity. Credit: Holistic Therapy Practice

Crystals can be used as a source of ‘grounding, clarification, protection, and more’, which is highly beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety, stress or other issues. Victoria Beckham has said she uses them when she feels particularly nervous.

However, it may actually be quite confusing to understand how they work. Eve does not approve of the way some media outlets explain crystal healing as they can make them sound far more complicated than need be:

“There are so many books etc around which make them sound like recipes,” she said, “and if you don’t do x, y and z, it won’t work. I emphasise the need to cleanse (regularly), visualising them releasing any energies they no longer need and also, using your intuition to guide you to the right stone for any particular intention. As with anything, the clearer we are with our intention, the easier it is to make it a reality.”

If you are interested in learning more about crystal healing or to even book in an appointment with Eve, check out her website for more information.



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