Disabled Man Died Thirsty

Man with Cerebral Palsy dies from sepsis during bad weather.

On Saturday 3rd March, Cameron Mclean woke up tired and thirsty at approximately 8:30am. His mother was worried after finding him sweating and having difficulty breathing so she phoned an ambulance immediately. Paramedics arrived and proceeded to dig a path in the snow to get to Cameron’s house.

Cameron had Cerebral Palsy, so being wheelchair bound, he was unable to leave the house due to the severe weather conditions. He was then rushed to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary but doctors discovered he had developed the sepsis blood infection, they attempted to save him but tragically, he died at 8:30pm just 12 hours after he complained of feeling tired and thirsty.


Cameron Mclean – Scotsman

Cameron Mclean’s death has left his family in Port Seton devastated. Friends are rallying to raise money for his funeral. Fundraising ideas have included a trolley in the local Co-op Food supermarket collecting funds and a family fun-day and disco planned by the Cockenzie and Port Seton British Legion club, people are doing as much as they can to give Cameron the send-off he deserves. Cameron’s mum’s best friend, Tressa Cherrie, set up a JustGiving page to raise £5000 for the funeral and has been overwhelmed by support from the community.

Clearly, Sepsis can be an extremely serious infection. It is however, gaining more publicity with The Archers’ BBC Radio programme’s portrayal of a character who dies of sepsis raising awareness with regards to the disease.

According to the UK Sepsis Trust, 44,000 deaths in the UK are due to the illness. Ben Cooke, a staff Nurse at the NHS, said that,

“If it’s not treated quickly it can be deadly. Being thirsty is not a common symptom to have with Sepsis.

The UK Sepsis Trust set out guidelines which are specific to sepsis, which are slurred speech, shivering, no urine, severe breathlessness, a feeling of near death and discoloured skin. It’s not an obvious sign, but once sepsis identified, it’s a really dangerous thing to have.”.


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