Midlothian council hope to acquire new parking powers

Midlothian Council are set to be awarded new parking powers in an attempt to prevent drivers from committing parking offences in the city.

This comes from the withdrawal of police enforcement in the county, and the introduction of decriminalised parking, which will change parking offences in the county from a criminal issue into a civil one, meaning the council will issue tickets to those who park their cars on double yellow lines.

Parking attendants will be put in place to monitor parking offences, in hopes to improve congestion through parking restrictions in certain areas and law enforcements such as yellow lines and time limited parking bays.

yellow lines

Parking on double yellow lines will still be an issue, but may soon be in the hands of the council. Image Credit: Google

Midlothian Council Conservative Councillor Pauline Winchester said;

“These changes mean that the roads that currently suffer with cars badly parked should get some reprieve once tickets start being given out.

“There are parking restrictions for a reason, and these are being ignored by a minority of people. The changes should help to make routes clearer for cars and crossing points safer for pedestrians.

“The council will introduce the changes and give affected area residents notice by initially putting dummy tickets on the offending vehicles.”

The decision of whether or not to grant the council these decriminalised parking powers currently lies with the Scottish Government, however it is expected that these will be approved within in the next couple of weeks.




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