Nearly 900 trains cancelled on the Edinburgh-Glasgow line last year

It has been revealed just under 900 trains were cancelled between Edinburgh and Glasgow in 2017.

The figures obtained by Forth 1 Radio, show of the 41,441 trains scheduled to run on the line, 891 were cancelled.

Almost 700 trains were affected Credit: Google

433 were cancelled due to signalling and point failures whilst 458 failed to run because of train faults and staff shortages.

Trains that run as normal yet miss a stop are considered cancelled.

Despite these figures, ScotRail remains one the best performer out of the five largest UK operators.

We spoke with some disgruntled passengers who often use this line.

David Campbell, 54:

“I’m not surprised with those numbers.  The service is appalling and has been for a long time.  Also the prices are too high for the standard of service.”

Karen Millar, 31:

“Every week I know at least one of my trains will be cancelled.  It’s got that bad and it often makes me late for my work.”

Caitlin Milligan, 27:

“The cancellations are frustrating.  You could tell the number had gotten worse.  Thankfully they are trying to sort out the other problems such as over-crowding with the new bigger trains.”

ScotRail said they are investing millions in Scotland’s railway with the aim of improving services for their customers.

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