No Smoking Day highlights danger to pets

The annual awareness campaign by the NHS focuses this year on damage to animals.

If you happen to know somebody who smokes cigarettes – or if you smoke them yourself – it’s a quirk to deal with. From the lingering smell to damaged gums and teeth, the inevitable effects can be frightful and that isn’t even to mention the severe health effects of the unpleasant habit.


National No Smoking Day began in the United Kingdom in 1984 and has since been celebrated annually on the second Wednesday in March. The campaign, which was set up by the NHS, urges people every year to stop smoking or to at least cut down. A changing theme is also portrayed every year which relates to the ways in which smoking affects you and those around you.

This year No Smoking Day wants you to understand the serious harm that smoking can cause not only to you, but also to your beloved pets. Sparking up around your pets is classified as second-hand smoking and causes just as much harm to them as it does humans, PDSA has warned.

Cases have seen asthma and chronic coughing in animals as a subject of second hand smoke, and it isn’t just cats and dogs who are endangered by the terrible trait – birds and small animals including rabbits and guinea pigs are all victims to second-hand smoking.

Image Credit: Jess McFadyen


The NHS are supplying those who wish to pack it in with the resources that they need to quit once and for all. An accompanying social media campaign brought forward by the NHS and ASH Scotland, called #TellUsYourWay, is also encouraging smokers to share their stories of how they curbed their addiction.

Sheila Duffy, Chief Executive of ASH Scotland is calling out to all smokers this year,

“NHS Quit Your Way services give you the best chance to stop smoking, and they’ll work with you to find your way to quit. Everybody’s different – whether it’s chewing gum, group support, switching to e-cigarettes or something else, you can do it.

“Use our hashtag #TellUsYourWay to post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and make a statement about how you quit smoking or how you plan to. We want to hear your stories and pictures of how you quit – we’re looking to share your experiences and encourage others to quit their way.

“Stopping smoking isn’t always easy, but the good news is that there’s more free support available than ever. You can pop into a pharmacy for local, expert advice, or call Quit Your Way Scotland seven days a week for proven help to quit.”

Image Credit Jess McFadyen


Judith McFadden, a local dog owner, said,

“As far as I’m concerned it is as bad as smoking around your children. It really breaks my heart when you see owners smoking in their car with their dog.”

If you want to quit, call Quit Your Way Scotland on 0800 84 84 84 for free advice and help. Lines are open from 8am to 10pm seven days a week.

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