Police Scotland watchdog feared for staff over Phil Gormley case

The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) raised concerns over whether former Chief Constable Phil Gormley should return to work, according to documents obtained via a Freedom of Information request by EN4 News.

An email sent by Katie Frame to the Acting Convener of the Public Audit and Post Legislative Scrutiny Committee (PAPLSC) Jackie Baillie shows the PIRC were worried that, if Mr Gormley came back from suspension, the staff’s careers could be at risk.  

On the 4th of January this year, Ms Frame wrote: “Due to the position of power and influence attaching to the Chief Constable’s post, there was a significant concern that those witnesses would not feel free to speak up if the Chief Constable remained in post.” 

She went on to say: “Had my views been sought at the outset of these investigations, I confirm that I had real and significant concerns that the PIRC investigations may have been prejudiced.”

Documents obtained by EN4 News show Katie Frame’s concern for Police Scotland staff. 

Chief Constable Phil Gormley tendered his resignation on the 7th of February this year after seven misconduct allegations were made against him. Mr Gormley said that “events since November 2017” would make it “impossible for me to resume my duties in a meaningful way”.

The SPA, which oversees Police Scotland, said Phil Gormley would be paid his annual leave entitlement and a three month notice fee. However, he will not get a severance package. The position of Chief Constable of Police Scotland remains vacant.



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