The Perfect Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

Cocktails are perfect for drinking at special occasions, certain to make one feel classy after a few sips.

However, they also come loaded with alcohol meaning they are not a great long-term plan for a night out. The alternatives are hardly attractive either, carrying none of the credibility or subtlety of their alcoholic counterpart.

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This reason is exactly why Dishoom, a popular restaurant based off Irani cafes in Bombay, has an exceptionally popular non-alcoholic cocktail menu. Aimed predominantly at those who cannot or do not drink, whether it be for medicinal, age or religious reasons.

The first thing Jon, the Head Bartender at Dishoom made very clear upon producing the drinks menu, is that what is on offer could not be further removed from conventional mocktails. There is no neon colours or ridiculous amount of sugar on offer here.

Instead, the drinks are referred to as “copy tipples” a non-alcoholic alternative, with the same taste and presentation as popular cocktails.

Each one meticulously crafted to be the closest possible comparison. Right down to the smoky burn of the Dry Old Fashioned, achieved here with a Lapsang Souchong tea infusion. With surprisingly addictive qualities, created through use of “spirit essence and coffee bitters”.

Jon explains how each drink offers a unique mix of “botanicals,
herbs and spices” to pay homage to Dishoom’s Iranian/Indian roots. Authenticity being very important to the outlet, with the bar even named the Permit Bar after prohibition laws in India.

The ingredients include heavy usage of lime, which is used in place of lemon frequently in Indian culture, to tulsi basil giving drinks a distinctive taste that could fool even the most seasoned
cocktail fan.

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