‘Jeremy Corbyn is a threat to our national security’ – Home Secretary Sajid Javid holds speech at the Conservative Conference

(Photo credit: Richter Frank-Jurgen)

During the third day of the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on Tuesday, Home Secretary Sajid Javid held a speech addressing immigration and security.

During the press conference, Javid said:

“Home is where you feel safe, comfortable and in control. That is exactly what we want the UK to be.”

He also mentioned the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, saying that he is a ‘threat to our national security’ and that it is ‘our duty to stop him.’

During the press conference, he spoke about the safety of the country, saying that ‘we will fight fear with optimism.’ He announced a new £200 million endowment fund, which will target young people who may risk starting a life of violence and crime.

“We know that one of the causes of the rise of serious violence is changes in the market for illegal drugs. We need a much better understanding of who drug users are, what they take, how often they take it, and so much more. So I will launch a major review of the market for illegal drugs.”

Javid also expressed his thoughts on Brexit: “If Brexit feels like a dividing line in our country now… just imagine what it would feel like if we didn’t follow-through with the result of the referendum.”

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