Final day of SNP conference

snp conf 2 - add credit to Nick Eardley

Final day of the SNP conference in Glasgow, Tuesday 9thOctober 2018. Photo by Nick Eardly.

Tensions rise as Nicola Sturgeon paves the way for a second Independence Referendum.

As the final day of the SNP conference gets underway Nicola Sturgeon is set to send a message of hope. Today, the First Minister is expected to declare how independence is the only way forward for the people of Scotland.

The pressure from ‘Yes’ activists have been heightened after protesters took to the streets of Edinburgh on Sunday. Sturgeon is expected to tell delegates that it is up to them now more than ever to offer optimism and hope.

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Audience members today look forward to an inspiring and uplifting speech from the First Minister. An audience member told EN4 News that they were “looking for an affirmation of where most members stand and patiently waiting for the kick off for the second referendum.”

SNP Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Humza Yousaf said today that patience is needed in order to win a second referendum.

“There needs to be patience, there needs to be an understanding that we have to take the Scottish public with us and it has to be guided for when the timing is absolutely right and I don’t have an answer for when that is, I don’t have a crystal ball, but the campaigning for independence should take place just now.”

Calls for Indyref2 comes with the First Ministers announcement that the SNP would back any calls for a second vote on Brexit. During an interview on the Andrew Marr Show, when asked if SNP MPs would back a second Brexit vote, Sturgeon said:

“I would expect the SNP MP’s to vote for that if it comes to a second vote in the House of Commons. A second EU Referendum, the case for that is understandable but we have to be absolutely clear it’s not the clear solution.”

However, the SNP’s stance is not backed by members of the opposing parties. Scottish Conservative MSP Jeremy Balfour told EN4News:

“The people have made the decision to leave and the UK Government need to negotiate the best deal and get on with it. I want the First Minister to get on with the day job and stop talking about independence.”

Scottish Labour MSP Neil Findlay said: “The SNP should be focusing on areas that concern the public. These are our health and social care system, education and economy. We see one million Scots living in poverty, the educational attainment gap growing and a national housing crisis.”

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