Edinburgh Airport research care packages for returning residents


Sign at Edinburgh Aiport

Following Twitter and Facebook polls Edinburgh Airport could start giving their passengers essentials like bread and milk to take home with them.

Teams at Edinburgh Airport have come up with an idea to make their customer’s journey home a little easier. Everyday essentials such as bread, eggs and milk could await customers using the Long Stay Express car park. The packages will be tailored for specific times of day, for example breakfast style packs for early morning flights or a dinner style for later ones.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport said:

“We’re always looking at ways to improve the passenger experience and this is one of a number of things we are looking at.”

To help gauge reaction from passengers’, polls were sent out on Twitter and Facebook. Teams at the airport will look at responses from members of the public before making any final decisions.

“One of the first stops for returning passengers can be the local shop for those every day essentials such as bread, milk, fruit and even home comforts like short bread or soft drinks- we thought that was something we could possibly arrange for their return and have it waiting in their car for them so they can focus on getting home as soon as possible.”

If the service was to take flight, Edinburgh Airport would be the first airport in the UK to offer it.

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