University’s Student Union rejects YouTuber Count Dankula’s event

Count_Dankula live_interview_still. - credit to Dankula

Mark Meechan known as Count Dankula / Wikipedia

University of Stirling Student Union’s rejection of the famous YouTuber Count Dankula’s event request causes controversy on campus.

On September 26th, University of Stirling Student Union received a booking request for an event hosted by the university’s Libertarian Society with Mark Meechan, known as Count Dankula, as a speaker. The union soon rejected the request.

According to a statement released by the Union’s Vice President Communities, Jamie Grant, on researching Meechan they found him “unsuitable under our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, on the grounds of Mr Meechan’s conviction of an offence under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 on 23rd April 2018.”

The statement also states that the conviction was based on “posting an internet video found to be ‘grossly offensive’ on the topic of the Holocaust.”

Meechan became well-known to the public after posting a controversial video of his girlfriend’s pug performing a Nazi salute. Following the controversy the YouTube video caused, he was found guilty of hate crime and fined £800.

Meechan was quick to respond to the rejection of his event:


Stirling University Libertarian Society released a statement saying: “The Libertarian Society invited Markus Meechan because we felt that, as a comedian on YouTube, he would provide an entertaining lecture for those concerned with vaguely defined “criminal speech” laws.”

libertarien society

Courtesy of University of Stirling’s Libertarian Society

The Libertarian Society’s president, Stuart McLuckie, said: “the freedom to express ideas is definitely being limited on campus.”

He added that “student organisations which are run under a ‘nepotistic way of voting’ does restrict the ability for those with more controversial but acceptable positions to express themselves on campus.”

McLuckie believes that Meechan is a credible speaker as he is a very popular YouTuber and has met prominent politicians in the EU Parliament.

Currently, Meechan has a YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers and is popular on Facebook and Twitter. He has been a UKIP member since June and spoke on free speech at the European Parliament conference.

protest dankula - credit to Mark Ramsay

Picture from Free Count Dankula event on 23rd April 2018. Photo credit to Mark Ramsay.

Meechan gave a talk at the University of Glasgow on February 22th hosted by Glasgow University Students for Liberty.

This event also caused controversy because a released audio recording showed the use of hate speech by Meechan.

The Glasgow University Anarchists denounced the event for “platforming of hate speech and demand immediate action by all Glasgow University students to ensure our university remains free from oppressive, bigoted politics.”

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