Fashion Fighting Against Homelessness

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Shelter Scotland fashion show catwalk. Photo by Ross Hempseed

It may not be the luxurious and high fashion designs that grace the catwalks of Paris and London but the 50th anniversary Shelter Scotland fashion show has a serious message behind the glamour and clothing.

The two-part event was to raise awareness for the charities seemingly insurmountable task of eradicating homelessness in Scotland. Volunteers from Shelter Scotland shops across Edinburgh strutted their stuff down the runway, modelling donated clothes.

Shelter Scotland is committed to helping people who have been affected by homelessness or poverty by providing support, advice and legal representation. Their 50th anniversary is marred by the fact that the fight to end homelessness has gone on for so long. Unfortunately, the most recent statistics show that they face a steep ascent to achieve their goals.

Startling new figures, according to the Scottish Government, show that 34,972 homeless applications were made in Scotland in 2017/2018, a number that has increased for the first time in nine years. The latest figures show that over 137,000 households are on the council waiting list for a home and this number is growing. In Scotland, 1 in 5 people are living in poverty after paying their housing costs. The rise in need for food-banks have also been an unfortunate indicator of the problem of poverty in Scotland.

Tony Foster, Community Shop Manager at Shelter Scotland Morningside, said:

“Our shops help to raise the money we need to continue providing the help and support that is sadly still required by people struggling to find or keep a home in Scotland today. The fashion show will help us to bring in more vital funds to ensure that work continues.”

On the night, the audience were treated to musical from local band, Banjo Lounge 4. The fashion show itself comprised of sections that showcased both designer and affordable clothes that are available throughout the Edinburgh stores. Some of the designer brands included Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Wang.

One audience member was pleasantly surprised:

“I would never have thought that you would find designer clothes in a charity shop. It just shows what you can get for a bargain and it goes to a worthy cause.”

The Fashion show finished with a poignant demonstration of mission statements that Shelter Scotland are committed to as they continue to fight the issue of homelessness in Scotland.

Ross Hempseed 1

Shelter Scotland volunteers demonstrating during fashion show. Photo by Ross Hempseed

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