Review: Flying By Mirrors at The Garage Attic

Good tunes, good band, good venue — but a disappointing turnout for Flying By Mirrors


You can be a great band, but there are always going to be factors that will make a gig sub-par. For Flying By Mirrors, Glasgow-based indie rockers, all these factors collided last night. I’ve seen the band before, and they can really wow a crowd, but there does actually needs to be a crowd for that to happen. EN4 News spoke to the boys afterward to hear their side of the story.

Flying By Mirrors line-up

Bryce Arthur - FBM 1

Clockwise from bottom left: Aidan, Ross, Kieran, Callum and Jamie

Clockwise From Bottom Left: Aidan, Ross, Kieran, Callum, and Jamie.

Aidan Curran – Guitar

Kieran Brown- vocals

Ross Cowan – Drums

Callum McCulloch – Guitar

Jamie Cowan – Bassist

“It was a strange gig for us,” says Aiden, one of the band guitarists. “We had no overdrive on our guitars [which would give the band a very clean sound, not like their usual rough-and-ready energy] and there were a lot of technical issues.”

Ross, the band drummer, agreed: “We had to drop a song from the set because there was no overdrive”. Aiden also noted that it was a first in a long time that the band had played first support at a gig. “Our last gig was at King Tut’s [ in Glasgow], and that was a headline slot,” says vocalist Kieran. “It’s weird coming to something like this where you’ve got to cut your set and you’ve got a tiny wee venue.”

The show itself was pretty much as the lads described. Songs that usually get people up and moving, such as the fast-paced “Let’s Go Dancing”, received a lukewarm response from the dwindling crowd. The sound wasn’t quite right, and the band knew it. With something like that in mind, it’s hard to give your very best performance.

Still, it’s not all a downward slope for Flying By Mirrors. Their other guitarist Callum has set about organising a show for January: “Time To Talk”. The event, which will feature themselves along with a few other acts, will have all its ticket sales donated directly to SAMH — the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

“I set it up on the idea that there’s not a lot being done regarding mental health,” says Callum. “Depression’s the biggest illness in the world. I’m also a massive Linkin Park fan, so after Chester Bennington [who committed suicide last summer], you do think to yourself ‘that shouldn’t be happening'”.

Bryce Arthur - Fbm3

“Time to Talk” will take place at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy on the 12th of January.

Callum has paid for the venue, sorted out the other acts, and of course, roped in his bandmates to play. Now, everything is set for January 12, with a third of the venue already sold out. Tickets are on sale now.

So if you went along to the gig on October 22, the guys can only apologise. But with their January gig organised, and at least two more singles to be released by the band this year, the future looks bright for Flying By Mirrors’.

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