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UK should be allowed to change its mind on Brexit, says top law officer

According to a top European law officer, the UK should be allowed to cancel its withdrawal from the EU.

This was claimed by the European Court of Justice’s advocate general.

The advice from the advocate general Manuel Campos Sanchez-Bordona, comes in the wake of the final five days of deliberations on Britain’s final Brexit deal.

In a written statement, The European Court of Justice said his opinion was that a country should have the power to change its mind during the two-year exit process if it chooses to leave the EU.


Guardian investigation on name discrimination

A Guardian investigation found that inquiries from a person with a Muslim name about flat share ads received significantly fewer positive responses. In a survey of the private flat share market carried out as part of the Bias in Britain series, expressions of interest were sent from “Muhammad” and “David” to almost 1,000 online advertisements for rooms across the UK. The Guardian found that for every 10 positive replies David received, Muhammad received only eight. Muhammad was twice as disadvantaged compared with David as he was more likely not to receive a response (44% of the time compared with 36%), and when he did receive a response it was more likely to be negative (25% of the time compared with 18%).


Sturgeon urges Prime Minister to have Brexit plan B

Sturgeon has made a last-ditch appeal to the Prime Minister to put forward a second Brexit plan just days before the final vote on the UK’s terms for leaving the EU. The First Minister met Theresa May for a second time in a fortnight for face-to-face talks on Brexit ahead of the start of MPs’ deliberations on the Prime Minister’s deal with Brussels.

The First Minister said that next week’s vote “cannot – and must not – be a false choice between a proposed deal and a no-deal outcome, which threatens to be utterly disastrous for jobs, business and living standards”.


Death in Buchanan Galleries

An unidentified man has fallen to his death from the top floor of Glasgow’s Buchanan Galleries yesterday afternoon

The incident happened at 4.20pm. It is understood that the man plummeted from the area at the top of the centre’s elevators.

Police Scotland said the incident was not thought to be suspicious. He was pronounced dead at the scene by police. The area has been cordoned off, with a white tent erected at the scene. The centre has been closed to the public while investigations are carried out.


Scotrail plan to end free travel for children

Free travel for schoolchildren is set to be ended by ScotRail after Christmas. The operator’s Kids Go Free scheme has allowed an adult to take up to two children between the ages of five and 15 on return journeys for free. But the initiative will be scrapped from 2 January, with a £1-a-child charge to instead be levied.

The rebranded scheme has been called Kids for a Quid.

Scottish Labour’s transport spokesman Colin Smyth described ScotRail as “Scrooge” given the timing of the decision.

“With Christmas less than a few weeks away, it’s sad to see bosses at ScotRail acting like Scrooge by taking free rail travel away from children across Scotland,” he told STV.

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By Rory Hill

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