Mary Queen of Scots comes home

From today, January 18, Mary Queen of Scots is gracing our cinema screens…

Well, kind of.

Mary Stuart’s persona is strong and fierce, and this is embraced by 24-year-old Saoirse Ronan, who is well known for her roles as Susie Salmon in The Lovely Bones and Christine McPherson in Lady Bird.

At the beginning of the film, Mary returns to Scotland from France in 1561 without a husband, but with claims to both the Scottish and English thrones, much to the dismay of Queen Elizabeth the First (played by Margot Robbie) and the countries she wishes to rule. This is only beginning of a political battle between the 16th-century queens.

The portrayal of two assertive women in a masculine world is a theme that appears to be quite relevant today, centuries later. They both must find a balance between marriage and independence, love and power.

The references to Scotland are understandably heavy, some inaccurately so (Mary’s accent and the on-screen meeting between the queens), but it seemed only fitting to have a Scottish premiere in Edinburgh.

Some of the movie’s stars, including Ronan and her Scottish co-stars Jack Lowden and James McArdle, attended the event on January 14 at Edinburgh Castle. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was also a guest.

The stars then attended the first Scottish screening of the Mary Queen of Scots film, which took place in Edinburgh’s Cameo Picturehouse. Several fans were lucky enough to meet the actors and actresses, such as Ronan, as shown by the short video below.

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