Nicola Sturgeon rally for IndyRef2 amid Brexit turmoil

First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon announced she is working on plans for a second independence referendum, which will be released “in the coming weeks.”

Sturgeon is waiting for the Brexit chaos seen in the last week to dissipate before making a move on independence. She said she would forward with the plans even if the March 29th Brexit deadline was to be extended.

Fears of leaving the EU had been a common reason for voters to back the No campaign in 2014. Scottish voters had then backed the Remain campaign by 62% in 2015. Despite the support, it mattered little when the UK voted for Leave. This didn’t sit well with Scottish voters and sparked renewed interest in another independence referendum.

In an online post, Sturgeon said: “Scotland cannot be left at the mercy of a dysfunctional Westminster government.”

She added that “the interests of Scotland haven’t even been an afterthought” for the Government during the Brexit negotiations.

The SNP had called on May to extend the March 29th deadline for Brexit to no avail.

Sturgeon said the loss to Scotland neglecting independence has “never been clearer.”

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