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Edinburgh University student jailed for sex attack on fellow student

An Edinburgh University student has been jailed for three years after a sex attack on a teenage girl. Felix Beck, 22, assaulted his victim during a sex act in which he choked her, leaving her bruised and battered.

Beck, then launched a tirade of abused against the teen, labelling her performance as “s**t” and berating her further through a series of aggressive text messages. The student cried in the dock as he was sentenced to three years, with judge Lord Uist branding the attack “callous and disgraceful”, while telling him he “only had himself to blame.”

The victim told prosecutors how the assault has caused her to change universities and how events have left her suffering from PTSD. The attack came just weeks after another woman had filed rape allegations against Beck – allegations which were dropped by Lord Uist during the hearing.

Menzies to acquire aircraft de-icing firm 

Aviation giant John Menzies has been given the go-ahead to acquire Manchester based Airline Services. The buying of the  company, which deals with aircraft de-icing and ground handling projects, was subject to a nine-month investigation due to growing concerns over ground-handling prices, completion of the market and decreasing quality of service.

After a long anticipated assessment, the Competition and Markets authority gave the green light to Menzies, due to a recent surge of contract applications in the ground handling market. The joint-venture is also expected  to extend to English airports including Newcastle, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Community works together to help ravaged charity shop 

The Edinburgh community of Davidson Mains, came together after their local charity shop was robbed by thieves. The Chest, Heart and Stroke Foundation suffered the attack on Tuesday 15th, after the intruders unscrewed the safe and escaped with money.

On hearing the news this week, residents of Davidson Mains organised local donations to the shop with adults, school children and tradesmen offering to help with repairs free of charge. Unfortunately, the shop has been subject to five separate incidents of crime in recent years, including 2013 when thieves made off with £80 and caused £500 worth of damage.

30ft wide sinkhole appears in Midlothian 

A sinkhole has appeared in Roslin, Midlothian, on the former site of a colliery. The 30ft sinkhole developed on the former site of Roslin Colliery, which had operated for over 65 years and finally closed to the public in 1969. It is thought that the network of underground tunnels that form the coal mine have led to ground become unstable and the sinkhole forming.

The area, which is now farmland, has been sealed off and is awaiting inspection from the Coal Authority. If the mine is found to be the main cause of the hole, the Coal Authority have said they will “start ground work immediately to make the area safe.”

Edinburgh mum becomes first woman to win gruelling week-long marathon

Jasmin Paris, 35, has become the first woman ever to win the 268-mile Spine Race with record-breaking time of 83 hours, 12 minutes and 23 seconds. Not only did the mum-of-one beat the previous record set by Eoin Keith in 2016, but even made time to stop and breastfeed her 14-month-old daughter, Rowan.

With a massive seven days to complete the track, the Spine Race has been dubbed one of the hardest marathons in the UK but it proved no match for Jasmin. She is well respected in the sky running (defining as hill racing above heights of 2000 metres) community and has previously won several circuit titles, as well as holding the National women’s fell running title for Great Britain.


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