Council Leaders Accept Deal on Teachers’ Pay

Council leaders have decided to bring a revised Scottish Government pay offer forward that could see teachers across Scotland get a 9% pay rise.

The news comes after a previous pay offer was overwhelmingly rejected by 97% of members of Scotland’s largest teaching union.

The Educational Institute of Scotland are now in a position to ballot their members on whether to accept or reject the deal that Education Minister John Swinney has said he hopes will end pay disputes .

If this new pay deal is not accepted then it is likely teachers in Scotland will vote for strike action.

Commenting following the meeting Councillor Gail Macgregor said: “I am pleased that Council Leaders have today agreed to present a revised proposal incorporating the additional monies made available by the Scottish Government to the teaching unions.

“We understand that the Teachers Unions will now present this revised and enhanced offer to their members and we would strongly encourage its acceptance.”




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