‘Meet the team’ event for new Meadowbank Sports Centre shows communication-breakdown with locals



Event location: Meadowbank Church on London Road  (Credit: Graham Millar)

Graham Contractors hosted an opportunity at Meadowbank Church this afternoon, allowing for local residents to put any queries to them concerning the re-development of the Meadowbank Sports Centre.

Members of the Edinburgh Council as well as representatives from Edinburgh Leisure were also present.

Jo Matheson, Head of Property and Estates for Edinburgh Leisure, who previously managed the former site and was in attendance of the event said on the issues raised:

“There’s a mixed bag, there’s some people very dedicated to their particular sport and want to ask in-depth technical questions about it.

“There are people here who are still very concerned about the rest of the site and what that will contain in the way of housing. There are people who are querying about the programme because they’ve got small children and wondering what time we will still be bashing things around until, so there’s a very different focus depending on who you are and what your involvement is…”

However, some locals still appear unimpressed at the overall communication between themselves and project organisers throughout the consultation process.

A local resident gave their perspective on the event and overall situation thus far…


Edinburgh Council are hosting their last consultation meeting tomorrow at Craigentinny Community Centre between 12.30 – 1500.

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