Warnings issued as ‘Storm Erik’ hits Scotland

The name ‘Erik’ does not usually scream warning or cause disruption, but when the last name is ‘Storm’ it starts to sound rather unpleasant.

Storm Erik is set to cause strong winds and heavy rain throughout this weekend in Edinburgh.

Given the challenging nature of the Scottish weather, it comes as no surprise that the people of Edinburgh need to pull out their umbrellas and wellies.

It will be raining cats and dogs outside and with winds between 50mph-70mph – you might want to keep your furry friend inside.

It will also affect the rest of Scotland as the weather continue to migrate east. It is also likely to cause trouble on the roads due to spray and flooding.

Police Scotland is urging people to drive safely and for women to leave the car at home. That’s not true, but it is funny.

The yellow weather warnings are expected to come to an end at 3 pm on Saturday 9 February. However, this does not mean that it will be rainbows, unicorns and sunshine.

In the meantime, stay #weatheraware


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