Should school uniforms be gender neutral?

A bill has been proposed that would make all school uniforms gender neutral. (Credit: Luka Kenyon)

Layla Moran, Liberal Democrat MP, has introduced a bill to the House of Commons that would require school uniform policies in the UK to be gender neutral.

In a piece for Metro, Moran wrote, “I want gender neutral uniforms to be law because what children wear doesn’t affect how they learn.”

She added, “From the day a child starts primary school, gendered uniform policies send the message that boys – who get to wear trousers –should be running around and playing sport, but a girl made to wear a skirt should not.”

Moran has introduced this bill to mark International Women’s Day, asserting that the Liberal Democrats want school children to not be confined by outdated gendered norms.

But what is meant by gender neutral uniform? What clothing options would this policy include?

We asked some students what they think about the proposed policy.


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