Hollywood film ‘Joker’ hits cinema screens tomorrow, but does it glamourise violence?

Image by Warner Bros

By Laura McCulloch and Heather Miller

Straying from the classic Batman trilogy films, Joaquin Phoenix takes us on the personal journey of the infamous DC Comics villain as he descends into insanity.

Joaquin Pheonix has already been heavily praised by critics for his portrayal of the early life of Arthur Fleck, a failing comedian who longs for human connection and acknowledgement from society.  Fleck’s isolation pushes him towards madness and crime after being discarded by everyone in Gotham City. 

The main themes of mental health and isolation form the story’s skeleton and is said to ‘blow’ it’s audience away. 

Moving away from the original Superhero style movie and no mention of Batman within the film, the Joker is the focus. His unfamiliar intentions are set to impress viewers and leave them on the edge of their seats. The tale is described to be almost as twisted as it’s core character and deals with the contrast between evil and good and at times edges towards rebellion.

These crime-related, violent scenes have raised debates over the use of violence in films. Families affected by the 2019 Aurora cinema shootings have complained to Warner Brothers regarding the aggressive scenes the film shows.

However, director Todd Philips has defended his film, saying that gun violence is a serious issue among society and should be discussed.

We spoke to local film fanatics who gave their say on Joker’s already controversial reputation:

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