What to expect at National Poetry Day in Edinburgh

National Poetry Day returns once again to Edinburgh , commemorating its 25th Anniversary today.

Each year of this celebration focuses on a specific theme of poetry and this year is no different, tackling the concepts of truth in the medium.

At the Scottish Poetry Library, Projects co-ordinator Samuel Tongue talked about the meaning of truths in poetry:

“In terms of poetic truths they are often quite intimate quite personal truths and the language can speak personally to peoples experiences. In an era of fake news and constant BS from various world leaders it feels like its up to the poets and artists to reclaim the language a little bit and revalue it as well as journalists when its cheapened so much.”

As part of the day’s celebrations NPD Ambassador Sally Crabtree will create a ‘Sweetshop of Words’ within the halls of the Scottish Poetry Library, creating edible poetry that reminds us of our childhood truths.


Photo credits to Sally Crabtree


Later in the evening, fellow ambassador Dean Atta will perform alongside Sally in “Gobstoppers”, a spoken word show featuring a hybrid of poetry bingo, music sweetshop memories and the smashing of a PinARTA revealing the confectionary truths that have been collected throughout the day.

“For me I’ve come to the conclusion that we are here to achieve happiness” says Sally Crabtree in regards to the idea of truth.”That sounds a bit namby pamby but actually the one thing we all have in common is happiness, we all ought to be happy. For me its about finding a life that allows me to follow those dreams.”

“The aim of the game is to really inspire people of all ages and backgrounds that poetry is delicious”


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