Corbyn outlines Labour’s election plans on Brexit, education and the environment


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has set out his party’s election plans, including promises on sorting out Brexit, scrapping tuition fees and making the environment the forefront of Britain’s future.

Speaking in Northampton on Thursday, Corbyn started his speech by calling out Prime Minister Boris Johnson, claiming that having a Queen’s Speech with a general election looming was a “cynical stunt” by having Her Majesty deliver a “pre-election party political broadcast” for the Conservative Party.

Under a Labour government, Corbyn’s top priority would be to “get Brexit sorted.” Corbyn said it was time to stop letting the politicians make the decisions and let the people have a say in what happens.

Within three months of being elected, Corbyn said Labour would have a sensible deal with the EU that includes a new customs union, a close single market relationship and “guarantees of rights and protections,” that also “respects the Good Friday Agreement.”

A plan to stay within the EU is also on the table.

After six months under a Labour government there would a vote so the people can choose whether to take the deal or remain in the EU. Corbyn says that the Labour Party “trusts the people to decide” what is best for Brexit. He claims that a no deal is a “race to the bottom in our rights and protection” to get a deal with US President Donald Trump.

Corbyn also promised to scrap University tuition fees with plans to have a National Education Service that provides free education for “everyone throughout life”. The Labour Leader passed comment about the previous Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government saying that they “saddled a generation of young people with a lifelong debt burden.”

Corbyn also has detailed environmental plans for a Labour government. Starting with promising better public transport as the “public transport network is falling apart just when the climate emergency means we need it most.” Corbyn said “radical action is needed” to keep the global temperature at manageable level and claimed that the Conservative government’s plans for reaching net zero emissions by 2050 is “too late.”

The Labour Party is “is fully signed up to a Green New Deal”, Corbyn said, and they are already working closely with trade unions and the scientific community to develop “radical climate targets in the world”.

Corbyn added that working to reduce the emissions for the “Green Industrial Revolution” would create “hundreds of thousands good, skilled jobs across Britain.”

There is no sign of a general election date being set at the moment but Labour has already started putting in the groundwork for it.


Key Labour Promises for the General Election:


  1. Raising the minimum wage to £10 an hour for everyone over 16
  2. To build 1,000,000, genuine affordable home in 10 years
  3. Reduce full time hours to 32 hours a week in 10 years
  4. Free childcare 2-4 year olds
  5. Free bus travel for under 25s


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