Edinburgh Council unveils strategy for carbon neutrality by 2030

This week marks an important milestone in the fight for an end to climate change and Edinburgh is doing its bit to help.

In May 2019, The City of Edinburgh Council announced its ambitious plan to establish Scotland’s capital as carbon neutral by the year 2030.

Yesterday, (October 23rd) Edinburgh Council revealed its strategy for achieving this target which has been described as a ‘short window improvement plan’.

The plan outlines 37 actions, many of which are to be implemented immediately and in the short term. All areas of council business will be affected by the strategy such as waste/recycling, housing, energy, tourism, education, culture, festivals, etc.

While this strategy mostly focuses on the actions which are to be carried out over the coming months, a more conclusive City Sustainability Strategy is in development and is due to be published in 2020.

Adam McVey, leader of Edinburgh Council said: “Achieving carbon neutral status by 2030 is no mean feat and it’s going to involve a Herculean effort by public bodies and partners right across the city. The scale of the challenge is huge, but what our work to date has shown is that this is achievable.”

“Edinburgh is probably one of the best-placed cities in the world for meeting our carbon obligations and securing our climate future. The business decisions stack up just as much as the environmental ones. This is an agenda everyone wants to be part of.”

Edinburgh Council’s strategy will be considered further in a policy and sustainability meeting tomorrow.

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