From Brexit to Trump: Laugh Your Way through Political Pains

 “It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times”

A Tale of Two Cities got the current political and comedy climate spot on. The Trump administration and the on-going conundrum that is Brexit may be the two biggest political travesties to face the UK and the US in recent years but they have also brought out the best political satire both countries have seen.

This week, the never-ending story of Brexit has caused some of the nation’s best-loved comedy duos to come back to the action and return to their Radio 4 roots. The creators of the sketch show ‘Little Britain’, Matt Lucas and David Walliams, have announced they will return for a one-off Brexit themed special, renaming their much-loved comedy ‘Little Brexit.’ The program will air this evening at 18:30, Thursday, October 31st, the day we were supposed to have left the European Union.

As well as forcing the hands of comedy legends, the poor state of political affairs has thrust new faces into the limelight. Since 2015 Trevor Noah has been serving up quality political satire that has not only made America laugh but sit up and pay attention. Speaking to the Tribeca TV Festival in 2017 Noah said: “Comedy is a tool we all use to process what’s happening to us.” Noah uses satire as a way to help people cope with as well as understand major political issues.

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are two of the most powerful men in the world, yet are ridiculed constantly in stand-up routines up and down the US and UK. The more ridiculous the statement they say the funnier the comedic content gets and the more ammunition comedians have. Trump, in particular, has been an impressionist’s dream with Alec Baldwin’s Trump impressions on Saturday Night Live being one of the best.

Comical political impressions have spanned to the most unlikely corners of pop culture this week with contestants on the UK versions of the hit show Ru Paul’s drag race giving Trump and Margaret Thatcher their best shot.






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