The ‘Fat Burner’ is designed to get you back into shape after Christmas


We’ve partnered with Gregor Ridley Personal Fitness to design a four-week workout plan to burn off those pigs in blankets. Even in a packed gym full of New Years’ resolutioners, you’ll need minimum space for these workouts. All that’s required is 6ftx6ft floor space and you’re ready to go.


Day One


The goblet squat will give you a full-body burn


Day Two

* As many rounds as possible


Cossack squats will beef up your legs and thighs

Why this workout?

In order to lose weight and burn fat, you need to create a sustainable caloric deficit. These workouts make use of supersets with relatively short recoveries, as well as conditioning to maximise calorie burn.

The mountain climbers exercise will improve your cardio and work your whole body

The supersets use mainly multi joint exercises, meaning more work is done per exercise. Executing each exercise with solid technique is key.
If you find your form dipping before the end of your third set, it is possible the weight you are using is too heavy. Check the ego at the door, and make sure you complete your reps.

Of course, it’s important to remember you can’t out-train a bad diet.

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