Edinburgh council push for travel card amongst transport renovations

Edinburgh City Council are set to fully apply a blanket cover travel card, similar to London’s Oyster card, by 2025 or 2026.

However, the centre piece of Edinburgh’s public transport, Lothian buses, believes that the transport ticket system is “not a sustainable fit” for the city.

Despite Lothian believing that the recently introduced contactless option for payment is the most suitable option for customers, it is believed that that the Scottish Government has undergone discussion with Lothian regarding the possibility for technological improvements t their ticketing system.

Regardless of Lothian’s claims that contactless ticket payments are most applicable for Edinburgh, the capital is undoubtedly behind when compared to cities such as Glasgow.

Glasgow’s introduction of the ‘Tripper’ card allows for the transport on five of the cities bus companies as well as both ScotRail tickets and Subway tickets, all under one card.

It is thought that Lothian may be reluctant to co-operate with such a structure as it may affect their ‘Ridercard’ which currently allows travellers unlimited rides on all Lothian buses at a set annual, or monthly, fee.

However, the public are open to the idea of a top up travel card applicable to all of the city’s transport, with the large consensus being that it’s the way to go for Edinburgh.

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