Edinburgh’s Christmas respond to criticism

Having opened last Saturday, Edinburgh’s Christmas market is now in full swing.

Welcoming visitors from all over Europe, the market generally hosts a cheerful and festive vibe.

However, this year the event has been surrounded by controversy. In a statement, Underbelly said:

“We appreciate the images of the build period have not been aesthetically pleasing, but we can assure that the end result will be an event which both benefits the environment and is sympathetic to it.”

EN4News has been to Edinburgh’s Christmas market to see what’s new this year and to find out if the negative press has dampened the festive spirits.

Ruth Fisher, producer of Edinburgh’s Christmas, told us that she is very pleased with the opening weekend and how the market is going so far.

The Christmas market welcomed over 88,000 people on Saturday, its opening day.

Last year over the whole of the holiday period, over one million unique visitors attended the Christmas market.

Despite the negatives that have been associated with Edinburgh’s Christmas this year, the public and vendors appear to be in good spirits and ready for Christmas.

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