Gorgie City Farm campaign boosted by £27,000 cash injection from Edinburgh Council

Gorgie City Farm has been described as a “symbol of community”

An ailing community farm in Gorgie has received significant financial aid in its hour of need.

Edinburgh Council stated on Thursday that they will help Gorgie Farm with a £27,000 boost. If the cash input goes ahead, this will see Gorgie Farm add almost £30,000 to an already large cash pot to help improve the farm.

The Edinburgh local city farm went into liquidation on November 1. Soon after, a GoFundMe appeal was launched to save the much-loved establishment.

The crowdfunding campaign reached over £69,000 within the first two weeks and more than 11,000 people have shared the GoFundMe page so far.

Many also took to Twitter to show support with one user stating:“I really, really hope the farm can rise from these ashes, it will be a symbol of hope and community.”

As well as the council’s cash injection, a mystery donor has given £20,000 to help Gorgie City Farm to stay open. The campaign set up to save the site received an overwhelming amount of public support and donations in the first few days of being set up. The total amount so far is over £93,000.

Council Leader Adam McVey said the positive response to the crowdfunding is a sign of just how much people across Edinburgh value the attraction and described the level of interest as “encouraging”.

The recent donations and the boost from Edinburgh Council will take Gorgie farm to almost a £100,000 cash pot, this will help the farm improve and continue to survive in such a tough situation.

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