Labour make £100 billion general election pledge to Scotland

The Labour Party have promised over £100 billion to Scotland in the next decade if they win the general election on December 12.

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has said that the investment would be a chance for the “people of Scotland to break free from the failed policies of the Tories in Westminster”.

He said: “This extra investment will provide the funding that Scottish Labour would use to build 120,000 new council and social homes, invest £6 billion in retrofitting homes to the highest energy efficiency standards, and bring dignity back to care workers and care users alike with a 25 per cent increase in investment in social care.

“This investment is the transformation that only a UK Labour government can make. This is the difference a UK Labour Government can make to Scotland. There is one way to challenge the failed status quo on December 12, and that is a vote for Scottish Labour.”

Labour have just seven MPs from Scotland, but they know that they must improve that number if they want to hand Jeremy Corbyn the keys to Number 10 come December 13.

Scotland was once a heartland for Labour in their glory days of electoral success in the nineties, and they must try again to come and take seats from both the Conservatives and Scottish National Party.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn launched his party’s manifesto on Thursday.

The money Scotland would receive will be split into three areas; National Investment Bank (£20bn), National Transformation Funds (£30bn) and Barnett Formula consequentials (£50bn).

In a passionate and heartfelt speech at the launch of Labour’s manifesto, the party’s leader Jeremy Corbyn also pleaded with people to vote and make sure they had told family and friends to register on the electoral ballot.

He said: “The first step is to make sure you are registered to vote, if you are not registered then do it today.

“Vote for yourself and your family, vote for your community, vote for the person who is struggling who you don’t even know. Vote for the mother falling into debt because she has to fork out for her children going to university.”

To combat the ever-increasing housing crisis, Labour also announced that they would build over 100,000 homes by the end of their first term in power. This would complement the 50,000 homes for social housing through associations.

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