Election Night So Far

The Conservatives are on track to win an absolute majority in this year’s general election. As it stands, Boris Johnson’s party have gained 2% on their current majority. Key marginal wins in Blyth Valley and Chingford exemplify the success of this election for the Conservatives.

It has been a disastrous night so far for Labour, seeing a loss of 9% over the course of the night. Despite a typically strong performance in the Northeast, Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of walking into Number 10 look slim.

The SNP have had a successful night, winning almost every seat in Scotland to this point. Nicola Sturgeon has seen her party take seats from Labour in Midlothian and East Lothian, as well as gains from Conservatives, such as Angus and Renfrewshire East.

The Lib Dems have won three seats so far, with leader Jo Swinson in serious jeopardy of losing her seat in East Dunbartonshire. At the start of this election campaign, Swinson had hopes of becoming Prime Minister, but she may not even be a Member of Parliament by the end of the election.

Elsewhere, Sinn Fein have won four seats, while the DUP have three. The Alliance also have one seat in Northern Ireland, as Plaid Cymru have held three seats in Wales.



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