Carlaw and Ballantyne to contest Scottish Conservative leadership race

Jackson Carlaw and Michelle Ballantyne will vie for the position of Scottish Conservative party leader after nominations for the contest closed at noon .

Carlaw, the acting interim leader, said in Parliament on Thursday that he has shown what it’s got to lead the party.

“I’ve been there, done it. But that entitles me to absolutely nothing,” Carlaw said. “Like everything else in life, what you want has to be earned. And while the members of this party will rightly be the judge of it. I believe I am battle tested.

Liam Kerr, Scottish Conservative deputy leader and co-chair of Jackson Carlaw’s leadership campaign, told EN4 News that he is the man to lead the party “through 2020 and beyond”.

Kerr said: “Jackson Carlaw has what we need to deliver the next government of Scotland. I want to be part of the government, I don’t do this to be in opposition. Jackson’s the man that can deliver this for us.

“Time is short, we have only 15 months until the 2021 election – we need experience, we need a proven leader. He’s got a track record and he holds Nicola Sturgeon to account every week in FMQs.”

Jackson Carlaw and Michelle Ballantyne are the only candidates for the position. (Credit: Scottish Parliament)

Ballantyne says she is “up for the fight to become the next Scottish Tory leader” and says she is determined to beat the SNP”. 

Ballantyne claims she will “kick-start a blue-collar revolution in the Scottish Conservatives”.

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