Projekt 42 and the Hunt for Happiness

The third week of January has come to be known by many as ‘Hunt for Happiness Week’. The general idea of ‘Hunt for Happiness Week’ is to consider what we define as true happiness and the ways in which we can achieve a satisfactory level of personal pleasure in our lives.

The entrance to Projekt 42. Photo Credit: Aimee Spence

In celebration of ‘Hunt for Happiness Week 2020’, EN4 News visited Projekt 42, a non-profit gym located in Leith which focuses on strengthening the link between mental and physical health.

First opened in April 2016 by Sara Hawkins, Projekt 42 is currently the only gym in the UK to incorporate personal training, life coaching and counselling.

By looking at well-being from more than one angle, Projekt 42 are able to provide their clients with the tools necessary to make positive changes in their lives.

A self-proclaimed “gym for everyone”, Projekt 42 is all about inclusion. The gym offers classes, counselling and training at an affordable price in an attempt to encourage people with a low income to improve their physical and mental well-being.

In a further attempt to prevent anyone from missing out, the gym offers free counselling sessions to anyone receiving benefits that is not currently in employment or education.

Projekt 42 also takes into consideration that it may not always be possible for parents to find childcare while they attend a session. As a result, the gym includes a large soft-play area where parents can leave their children with a qualified child-minder.

Parents can leave their children in the soft-play area. Photo Credit: Aimee Spence

EN4 News spoke to Projekt 42’s general manager Marty Wilson and manager of studio and activities Matt Whale to gain a little more insight into why the gym was opened and how it works. You can watch the interview below:


If you would like to make a donation or find out more about Projekt 42, you can find their website here.



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