Sex Education season 2 review: pushing conventional boundaries 

Netflix’s Sex Education is a British comedy-drama series which focuses on a group of young people trying to navigate sex and relationships (both romantic and platonic), as well as their own identities.

The second season of the comedy-drama, which stars Asa Butterfield as socially awkward high school student Otis, and Gillian Anderson as his sex therapist mother Jean, has been praised for introducing more taboo topics into the mainstream.

Viewers took to Twitter to praise both its maturity and the refreshing honesty with which it presented the awkwardness of adolescent sexuality.

The season opens with what can only be described as a masturbation montage to refresh your memory of how limitless the show’s boundaries are.

As for the plot, you follow several main storylines including several love triangles, drug abuse, a mass chlamydia outbreak and the school getting their sex education curriculum revamped.

While all this is going on, each episode also has an underlying theme of a niche sexual issue. While you follow a major storyline – the school’s sex education curriculum being completely restructured by Otis’ mum – you’re also following a smaller thread educating you on what douching is. And this is just one of many topics (see below for more).

The show’s ability to intertwine comedy with being informative is incredible. Every character featured is 3 dimensional, and for this, we have the writing and performances to thank. It’s effortlessly charming, effortlessly witty and just so effortlessly enjoyable to watch.


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