Writing music we haven’t heard ourselves: a chat with Eat the Friek

Credit: Eat the Friek

From angsty, pubescent songwriting, to exploring the Edinburgh music scene – Eat the Friek talk us through their musical journey, prior to their latest single release.

“Aaron and I have known each other since we were three.” says the band’s drummer Grant. “We went to secondary school with Louis. We were about sixteen when we started practicing in my room, and we found the three of us have a very similar mindset.

“Maybe because we grew up together, we all seem to think alike, and it especially shows when writing music.”

The band briefly split in 2017 after relocating to separate cities but soon reunited two years ago in Edinburgh to reform and start exploring this realm of the Scottish scene.

“It’s great being a part of the scene. We have a really good community of friends here.”

However, being in a band doesn’t come without its hardships. Eat the Friek are a part of the small record label Crumb Jungle which they created, so cash flow can be a big challenge.

“Being a part of a small label without much of an audience, we don’t have money coming in, so everything is paid for out of our own pocket. Ideally, we try to do as much as possible for free, or at least nice and cheap but it can be pretty hard.”

By creating their own label, the band is fully in control of their own sound. And being experimental is their passion.

“We love creativity and try to be as creative as possible when writing music, by coming up with stuff that we haven’t even heard ourselves yet.”

Muttrip, the group’s latest single is a turn in direction of sound. The song takes on a melodic and psychedelic approach while still capturing the raw and aggressive nature that they have come to be known for in their live shows.

Check out the band’s debut EP below.


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