Anywhere but London: Event celebrating British movies set outside of the UK capital launches at Summerhall

Credit: EN4 News

After realising how many UK films are centred around London, Summerhall programmer, Tom Forster, decided to put on an event highlighting films set outside the big smoke.

Beginning with Danny Boyle’s cult classic Trainspotting, the event features films about working-class men in Sheffield and a local radio station under siege in Norwich.

I met up with Forster in Summerhall’s café, where he told me where the idea came from: “I thought ‘I wonder how many movies are not set in London?’ – It turns out not a lot!”

Tom tells me that beginning the event with Trainspotting was no accident: “It’s the first Scottish movie that comes to mind.”. I ask him if it’s a kicker that the plot drives the film to London: “Yeah” he laughs: “It is!”.

After this he goes on: “Most things get driven to London at some point, it is like a little black hole… money and talent, just everything drifts down.”. Coming back to the characters in Trainspotting travelling down to London Tom muses: “I think it proves the point quite well actually.”.

We move onto the themes of films set outside England’s capital: “Everyone’s typically very poor, deprived, drug addicted, up against werewolves, they’re in the army or they’ve come back from the army and they’ve got nothing.” Continuing: “They’re all set in really dystopian kind of apocalyptic looking landscapes.”.

A main driving force behind the event was to showcase a diverse rage stories set outside the capital: “There’s only two movies I can think of set in Sheffield, one looks at terrorism and the other looks at economic depravity… looking outside of London there are a lot of interesting stories to tell”.

To hear our full conversation check out the track below:

If you’d like to catch any of the films this event is showcasing, you have until the 29th of February to head down to Summerhall.

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